What we do.


Our mission is to lead a nationwide food rescue and recipient network that is increasingly efficient, effective, and reliable for all partners.

Food insecurity and food waste in Australia are a daily reality, largely hidden from view. The past couple of years has been a trying time for Australia’s food relief sector and the people they serve. Many have felt the effects of drought, floods, bushfires and Covid-19, often in combination.

The demand for food relief across Australia is on the increase, and food relief agencies are feeling the pressure. At the same time, an extraordinary amount of edible food continues to be wasted across the food supply chain.

Our mission is to play our part in ending waste and ending hunger


We play our part in ending waste and ending hunger by:

  • Helping to strengthen Australia’s food relief sector by providing food completely free of charge
  • Supporting food relief agencies to meet the immediate needs of people
  • Giving food producers and retailers the opportunity to reduce surplus and unsold food
  • Making the most of food that’s produced and redirect edible food from heading to landfill, helping the environment.

SecondBite has a fifteen year history of efficiently rescuing food from waste and redistributing it to local charities helping people in need.

Each year, we are adapting to better meet the evolving challenges of food waste and food insecurity in Australia. We encourage and give food producers and retailers the opportunity to reduce potential food waste.

Integral to our model is a commitment to distribute all food completely free of charge to the food relief agency network and the people they support.

SecondBite’s efforts to repurpose and redirect food that would otherwise end up as landfill, contributes to sustaining the environment. We make the most of food that’s produced and save edible food from going to landfill, thereby helping the environment. We also ensure that the energy and water from producing, transporting and storing food does not go to waste.

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