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Donate Food

SecondBite welcomes new food partners to support our increasing demand. Our trucks and vans are able to collect food donations directly, or we gladly accept deliveries to our warehouses. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept food donations from individuals, or those on a small scale, unless a specific food drive has been pre-arranged.

Types of food donations

We love to receive healthy food group donations including fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins, grains, dairy and eggs. Canned goods, pantry staples, frozen and refrigerated packaged foods are all in high demand from our charity partners.

Food Donors

We accept large bulk food donations as one-off arrangements; and encourage donors to become ongoing partners where possible to establish greater mutual outcomes.

If you’d like to show your support for SecondBite through avenues beyond food donations, click here to explore different forms of business charity partnerships we offer.

Regional and Remote Areas

Our unique Community Connect model enables us to arrange food collections directly with our charity partners, for both small and large quantities.

Food Safety Standards

We pride ourselves on our high standards of quality control, to enable our charity partners to do their incredible work for people in need. Please refer to the Food Safety website for requirements that all donations must adhere to.

Contact Us

Contact us on or 1800 263 283 if you would like to discuss a food donation. Please include the type of food, your food safety standards and transportation requirements.

    Fresh fruitFresh vegetablesFood in tins, jars or air sealed packagesMilk and dairyMeat, eggs and alternativesBreads and cerealsPrepared and/or cooked mealsDrinksOther

    Fresh fruit

    Fresh vegetables

    Food in tins, jars or air sealed packages

    Milk and dairy

    Meat, eggs and alternatives

    Breads and cereals

    Prepared and/or cooked meals





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