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Our Community


In 2023, SecondBite partnered with 1,152 charities who operate food programs in their communities to support people in need. 


Our charity partners help a wide cross-section of Australians facing food insecurity, including families in crisis, refugees and asylum seekers, indigenous Australians, low income and unemployed people, homeless people and those at risk of homelessness, students, elderly and disabled people.


Our charity partners operate a range of activities in the community using the free food provided by SecondBite, including food hampers and relief packages, market style food pantries, onsite and mobile kitchens, ready to eat meals and school breakfast programs.


Our charity partners make a real difference to people’s lives, providing more than just a meal – they provide support, hope and friendship to those doing it tough.


Almost three in five of our charity partners receive no external funding from the government, and over 75% experienced an increased demand for food relief last year.

The House of Refuge

“Families are hurting, and we need to do more,” Founder, Pastor David

The House of Refuge operates a community food pantry, where twice a week families and individuals doing it tough are welcomed to take what they need without judgment.


SecondBite delivers eight to 12 pallets of food each week, and none of it goes to waste.


Pastor David says the food pantry service has grown rapidly in recent years, helping to feed more than one thousand people a week from all cultures, religions and backgrounds.


“Many people tell me that before coming to our church they had nothing, and they didn’t know what to do. Being able to get enough food to feed your family takes the burden and stress away. It relieves anxiety and allows people to have hope.


“We wouldn’t be able to feed a thousand people a week if it wasn’t for SecondBite. They keep giving us the food we need to help others.”