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Discover unique and impactful fundraising event ideas to support SecondBite in our purpose to end waste and hunger. Your donations play a vital role in empowering communities and ensuring that surplus food reaches those in need. Whether it’s hosting a bake sale, organising a community food drive, or planning a charity gala, every effort counts. Start your journey by setting up a personalised charity fundraising page and rallying support for SecondBite.

Celebrate your next big event by asking guests to donate to charity in lieu of gifts, compete in a fun run with SecondBite as your chosen charity, or host your own event to raise funds.

Once you’ve registered, invite friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

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How The Schanssema family is baking a difference and raising funds to help end waste and hunger.

Siblings Mackenzie, Tegan and Harvey knew they wanted to make a difference for people in need this holiday season.

“We wanted to do something nice for our community and raise funds so that everyone can have a meal at Christmas” said Mackenzie.

The Schanssema family’s Christmas lights display is a beacon of light every holiday season, creating happy memories and spreading joy for the local community.  Parents Aidan and Jen have tried every year to go bigger and brighter but this holiday season the whole family got inspired to do even more.

After donating to a fundraiser while on a family holiday, Mackenzie 11, Tegan 9, and Harvey 7, with Mum and Dad, started brainstorming all the ways they too could raise money for those in need and decided that this year they would donate all funds from the sale of their Christmas cookies to SecondBite.

“We chose SecondBite because not only are you feeding people who need food, but you’re helping to stop good food going to landfill.”

The siblings had hoped to raise one hundred dollars, or even two hundred dollars selling their cookies, but word soon spread throughout their neighbourhood, and beyond, and they raised an amazing $1,485 for SecondBite. $1,485 provides up to 7,425 meals to Australians in need.

One of the unique aspects of their fundraising journey is how the whole family got involved. Parents Jen and Aidan baked late every night while Mackenzie, Tegan and Harvey set up shop in their cubby house wrapping and packaging their cookies ready for sale. With a poster displaying where the funds were going, they were ready to sell their cookies to people visiting their Christmas light show each night!

Their fundraising approach has been nothing short of sensational. The cookies were beautifully wrapped in cellophane and boxed, with stickers listing the ingredients and the logo for the Schanssema family’s cookies called ‘On Mondays we bake.’

The family made sure to spread the word at the local school they all attend! Teachers Jen and Aidan promoted the SecondBite fundraiser at their staff meeting and the siblings spread the word with their classmates. Not only did lots of local teachers attend but their friends came along, the kids’ best friends helped in the cubby house, and word even started to spread online about the family with the amazing lights who were selling Christmas cookies going to a worthy cause!

“I thought it would just be a few people from our street but it was much more than that. I thought maybe two or three teachers would come but pretty much the whole school came,” said Aidan.

The Schanssema family’s commitment to raising funds for SecondBite illustrates the power of community and the impact individuals can make when they unite for a cause they believe in.