Our Vision and Purpose - SecondBite
SecondBite Food Relief Charity Vision and Purpose

Our Vision and Purpose

SecondBite Who Are We?

Who are we?

We are the largest, free food rescue organisation in Australia.

Each year, SecondBite rescues over 25 million kilograms of quality food from landfill, equating to 50,084,390 meals for over 1100 charity partners.

Partnering with like-minded organisations, SecondBite’s volume of food being rescued each year is growing rapidly, in response to increasing demand from our charity partners.

SecondBite Our Vision

Our Vision: To end waste and end hunger.

What most would agree is common sense, SecondBite is making a reality. 

  1. We can’t bear to see good quality food end up in landfill.
  2. No one should go hungry because of a lack of access to food, regardless of their income or personal circumstances.
SecondBite Purpose

Our Purpose: To rescue quality, nutritious food to give to people in need, for free.

Millions of Australians are experiencing food insecurity, which is rising at an alarming rate due to the escalating cost of living. 

We have warehouses and a fleet of vehicles able to travel to most places across the country to collect and distribute food hampers to our charity partners.

SecondBite Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals:

  1. To rescue enough quality, nutritious food to meet community need.
  2. To be sustainable for the long term as we strive to end waste and end hunger.
  3. To engage our community to help us achieve our mission.