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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

SecondBite partners with corporates in a wide range of industries including food and dining, transport and logistics, professional service, banking and finance, entertainment, education and philanthropic trusts and foundations. Our partnerships form an essential part of realising our mission to rescue good food and get it to those who need it most.

SecondBite’s story of growth as an organisation is in no small part thanks to our corporate partnerships, which are founded on shared purpose and shared value. We are so grateful for the generous and ongoing support of these organisations, that enable us to do our work.

An effective way to reduce your food waste, save time and maximise tax benefits

When primary producers, manufacturers and retailers donate surplus or unsold food to SecondBite, this reduces their own food waste and associated waste disposal costs. It makes the most of the resources and effort that is embedded in the food produced, including the embedded energy, water and human labour.

Partnering with SecondBite also saves partners time, space and costs. Along with tax benefits that are available, the partnership can support the environmental and financial sustainability of a business.


It is good knowing fruit that is of low commercial value is of high social value. Helping others is obviously a great feeling. When the tax benefit is also taken into account – it is beneficial.” – Simfresh.


A great fit for corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Many SecondBite supporters identify their partnership with SecondBite as a good fit for their own corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategies. It can also contribute to building a positive public profile, as together we are able to publicly recognise and celebrate the impact of the partnership.


A wonderful way to build staff engagement

Our corporate partners incorporate their relationship with SecondBite into different aspects of their business to benefit staff engagement. From sharing stories of impact, right through to hands-on volunteering experiences, staff can enjoy the sense of pride and achievement that comes with playing their part in ending waste and ending hunger in Australia.


It is great to see our team members enjoying the hands-on experience and learning more about the great work SecondBite does for those in need.” – 7-Eleven Australia.

Our partnership with Coles goes from strength to strength

In 2011, Coles and SecondBite formed a national partnership that led to a major expansion of our operations and reach across Australia. Coles partners with SecondBite to donate unsold, edible food to local charities across Australia providing food relief to people in need.

Coles has demonstrated leadership in the field, through actively embedding the SecondBite program into its organisational culture. This national program involves nearly 850 Coles supermarkets and some distribution centres. Since 2011, Coles’ partnership with SecondBite has provided the equivalent of more than 151 million meals for people in need (as at the end of June 2021).

In addition to food donations, Coles supermarkets and Coles Liquor raise funds for SecondBite through the sale of $2 donation cards and reusable shopping bags. In FY21, $2.6 million was raised by Coles’ customers and team members through the sale of these products.

Thank you to our many supporters for supporting us in ending waste and ending hunger