Our Mission and Vision – SecondBite

Who we are

SecondBite exists to ensure that good food destined for waste reaches people facing hunger and food insecurity. In doing so, we address critical social, environmental and economic challenges.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to be the partner of choice for the rescue of good food destined for waste, and to redirect it to community organisations across the country, helping to reduce food insecurity and hunger.

Our Vision is to be an effective and reliable national food rescue and distribution system. In delivering such a system, SecondBite aims to be the expert and first choice of primary producers, manufacturers and retailers who wish to donate their excess food which would otherwise go to waste.

We take our mantra of ‘Ending Waste. Ending Hunger’ seriously by:

  • Helping to strengthen Australia’s food relief sector by providing food completely free of charge to our charity partners
  • Supporting food relief agencies to meet the immediate needs of their clients
  • Working with primary producers, retailers and manufacturers to make the most of opportunities to donate surplus and unsold food

SecondBite sees a future where primary production, manufacturing, retail, logistics and the community support sectors work in harmony to support those in our community who are facing hunger and food insecurity.