Australian Venue Co – SecondBite

 Double the value of your donation to SecondBite at a Australian Venue Co dining venue in Perth


A new partnership between Australian Venue Co and SecondBite will enable diners at six Australian Venue Co’s dining venues in Perth to double the value of their donations help feed Aussies in need.

From September diners can add an optional $1 donation when ordering at their table and Australian Venue Co will match every donation dollar for dollar. This means diners will double the value of their donation with 100% of donations goes directly to SecondBite!


$1 from you + $1 from Australian Venue Co =

enough food for 10 meals to feed Aussies in need


Dine at one of these 6 Australian Venue Co locations in Perth:

  1. Sweetwater Rooftop Bar
  2. The Aviary
  3. The Globe
  4. The Guilford Hotel
  5. Victoria Park Hotel
  6. Wolf Lane


Your donations will provide much needed funds to help SecondBite distribute food to charities and not-for-profit organisations around Australia, including many here in Perth.