About SecondBite – SecondBite

Our story


SecondBite began in 2005 with one couple – Ian and Simone Carson. Gathering a committed group of friends, they would visit market stalls in Melbourne at the end of a day, collect surplus food, and drop it to a local charity that ran a food program.

In 2011, Coles and SecondBite formed a national partnership, which led to a rapid expansion of our organisation’s operational scale and reach.

Our operations


SecondBite works in every state and territory in Australia.

Our team gets food to those who need it most in:

  • Metro suburbs and cities
  • Regional and rural towns
  • Remote outback centres

SecondBite has warehouse locations and state offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. We partner with organisations in Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

We deliver food directly to organisations in areas where it is efficient to do so. In other areas, we run a Community Connect™ model that connects community organisations to local food donors, enabling them to collect food directly. We are helped by the generous support of more than 600 volunteers, and over 75 staff members around Australia.