SecondBite exists to provide access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia. We do this by rescuing and redistributing surplus fresh food, building community capacity in food skills and nutrition and advocating for an end to food insecurity.



Australians experiencing food insecurity are at increased risk of developing diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and obesity. In an effort to increase the nutritional quality of food provided to people in need, and ultimately to reduce diet-related disease, SecondBite is very proud to publicly announce our Commitment to Nutritious Food Rescue.

The commitment:

SecondBite is committed to improving access to fresh healthy food amongst people in need throughout Australia. To do so, we are officially committing to rescue and redistribute:

     •     95% will be nutritious* food, and

     •     75% will be fresh fruit and vegetables

*Food is considered ‘nutritious’ if it fits within the five core food groups of our Australian Guide to Healthy Eating:

In three months following implementation of this policy, SecondBite moved 1,343,453kgs (99.2%) core foods and 925,598kg (68%) fresh fruit and vegetables. This food was received by over 1,000 community food programs across Australia who provide food hampers, community meals and food pantries to Australia’s most vulnerable community members. By developing and implementing this policy, SecondBite is making access to nutritious fresh food a reality for Australians struggling to make ends meet.

Download a poster of the Commitment here.