SecondBite exists to provide access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia. We do this by rescuing and redistributing surplus fresh food, building community capacity in food skills and nutrition and advocating for an end to food insecurity.



SecondBite Community Connect™

SecondBite Community Connect™ is an innovative model of food rescue that facilitates the redistribution of surplus fresh food from local food donors directly to Charity Partners. This sustainable and award-winning program was created in 2009 to enable food rescue in outer urban, regional and remote contexts and support local community partnerships. The program addresses the issue of food waste and enables not for profit Charity Partners to access fresh food for free to use in their community programs. Our program also enables charity partners to use their limited budgets in other important services, facilitates corporate social responsibility and minimises the environmental impact of food going to landfill.

The relationship between Charity Partners and local food donors creates long term, sustainable partnerships through valuable collaboration of the welfare and business sectors.


Program impact

In the 2014-15 Financial Year, the Community Connect program:

  • Redistributed almost 2 million kgs of surplus food nationally.
  • Supported over 200 Charity Partners nationally that provided support to people in need via emergency food relief, food hampers, food pantries, regional food banks, residential services, school nutrition initiatives and community meal programs. These food programs support a diverse community group which includes low income families, people experiencing homelessness, mental health issues and times of crisis, children and young people at risk, indigenous communities, asylum seekers and the elderly. These programs provide opportunities for recipients to connect with other people in their area which create pathways for social inclusion.
  • Enabled Charity Partners with limited resources to access free food, allowing them to use much needed funds elsewhere.
  • Expanded our reach to support more Charity Partners in regional and remote areas in every state and territory of Australia.
  • Facilitated corporate social responsibility through food donor education and engagement.
  • Minimised the environmental impact of food waste nationally.

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If you are interested in joining, please click ‘Receive food' to learn how to become a Charity Partner. Please click ‘Donate food’ if you would like to become a regular food donor.

For all enquiries please contact April Bjork on or Fiona Crighton on