SecondBite exists to provide access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia. We do this by rescuing and redistributing surplus fresh food, building community capacity in food skills and nutrition and advocating for an end to food insecurity.


Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your Will to SecondBite is a very special act of generosity and kindness.

Gifts in Will allow SecondBite to plan for the future with confidence, investing in a food secure future for all Australians. In Australia, most of us are privileged and have a good standard of living, with access to a nutritious, healthy food supply. However, up to 2 million people struggle to provide food for themselves and their families, due to homelessness, financial disadvantage, illness and unemployment.

If you share our vision of an Australia free of food insecurity, please join us and make a gift to SecondBite.

Choosing your Bequest

It is important to seek the advice of a qualified solicitor or trustee when making your Will.

We would always recommend taking care of your family and friends first and then leaving the remainder of your estate to SecondBite.

A residuary bequest. This is the simplest way to help end food insecurity for all Australians. After taking care of your family and friends and paying all your debts, the remainder of your estate (or a percentage of the remainder) can be left to the SECONDBITE FUTURE TRUST. This type of bequest guards against the effects of inflation over time.

A cash bequest. You can leave a specified dollar amount – but please remember that, over time, the effects of inflation may devalue the benefit provided by a specified cash gift.

Specific bequest. Your assets can include money, property, shares, insurance policies and personal effects or anything of value to the SECONDBITE FUTURE TRUST.

Wills wording

A Bequest to SecondBite is an investment for the future food security of all Australians.

Should you decide to include a bequest to us, we suggest you provide the following wording and please consult your solicitor, this is a guide only.

I give and bequeath (the whole/ a percentage/specific amount/the residue) of my Estate to the SECONDBITE FUTURE TRUST (ABN 57 731 316 017) of 73 McClure Road, Kensington in the State of Victoria for its general purposes and I DIRECT that a receipt from the Secretary or Treasurer for the time being of the said organisation shall be a sufficient discharge to my trustees.

Adding to an existing Will

If your existing Will is satisfactory but you would like to include a bequest to SecondBite Future Trust, you can add a codicil. It must be signed and witnessed in the same way as your Will. Always seek legal advice when making any changes to your Will. 

Please let us know

We understand that making your Will is a very personal matter. But if you have already included SecondBite Future Trust in your Will, or are considering doing so, it is a great help if you let us know. We would like to thank you personally, and this provides the opportunity for you to discuss your wishes with us. 

All bequest information passed on to SecondBite Future Trust is held in the utmost confidence. 

Further information

If you’d like to discuss your bequest ideas, or advise us of an intended gift, please email us at or phone (03) 9376 3800

Your bequest will show how much you care about the future wellbeing of all Australians. Thank you. 

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